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Hulihia: The Beginnings

This page is dedicated to the contributors of the Hulihia: The Beginnings section. To learn more about each contributor, click on their image below. On their page, you will be able to click a link to access their chapter directly.

Table of Contents

Hulihia: The Beginnings
I. Overlapping Emergencies – (Over)Turnings
II. Resources and Values – Turning to Our Strengths
III. Community Building – Turning Toward Each Other
IV. Emerging Futures – Turning Anew


The editors would like to thank Joel Cosseboom, Interim Director of the University of Hawaiʻi Press, and its professional and supportive staff, who have done so much to make this book possible – Emma Ching, Noah Perales-Estoesta, Santos Barbasa, Mardee Melton, Cheryl Loe, Debra Tang, Carol Abe, and Alicia Upano.

At the Center for Biographical Research, Managing Editor Paige Rasmussen was integral to all stages of editing, design, and preparation for publication. This is her book too. Graduate Assistant Zoë Sprott’s careful eye and public relations skills have been greatly appreciated.

N.N. Mahina Tuteur was invaluable in contacting and making arrangements with many contributors.

Special thanks to Kapiliʻula Naehu-Ramos for her beautiful painting that graces the cover, and to Maile Naehu for making the space for Kapili’s art to flourish.

We have been constantl inspired and strengthened by Auntie Terri Kekoʻolani and Haunani Kay-Trask, nā wāhine koa.

Some who have passed have never left us as sources of encouragement and support – Kekuni Blaisdell, Kanalu Young, Phyllis Turnbull, Paul Lyons, and Jojo Peter.

Noe thanks ʻĪmaikalani Winchester for listening. Aiko is very thankful for her co-editors. And we are all profoundly grateful to the contributors for the love and commitment with which they create the value of Hawaiʻi.

Hulihia: The Beginnings

Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua

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